BTRoblox – Download & Install #1 Roblox Extension

BTRoblox or Better Roblox is a platform for online gaming and a tool for game development that enables users to create and play games with other users. The BT Roblox Chrome extension is an add-on that changes the user interface and adds new features to the Roblox website.

BTRoblox Features

  • BTRoblox has changed the Roblox website in a number of ways. For instance, it changes the appearance of the Profile page from this to this.
  • Additionally, some sidebar items have been altered (the menu on the left showing home, profile, avatar editor, etc.)
  • Sky, Simply Black, Red, Dark As Night, and other themes are available on BTRoblox for those who don’t want a theme.
  • Additionally, it has a feature that shows the cost in Robux of an item right next to it.
  • The BTRoblox extension also fixes the issue where audio ends abruptly when you touch the play button. Additionally, it allows downloading of Roblox audio from the audio library and eliminates advertisements.
  • Because it can only alter its website, there are no changes made in-game.

BTRoblox Screenshots

BTRoblox Extension

Download BT Roblox

How to use BTRoblox

  • From the download button or the Chrome web store, download the BT Roblox extension.
  • You can enable an BTRoblox extension by clicking on its icon, or you can pin it for easy access.
  • Use your Roblox account and password to log in.
  • As soon as you log in to your account, a number of games will appear in the Home tab bar.
  • Now, all you have to do to begin playing any game is click the Play button. A pop-up notice requesting that you install the RobloxPlayer.exe file will appear if you are a new user. You can play games as well after installing the file.
  • If you are a game creator, you may also choose Create to use Roblox Studio to create the game.
BTRoblox for Chrome

BTRoblox is one of the best extensions to create a better Roblox you can check more details of BTRoblox on Chrome.

BTRoblox for Firefox

You can install BTRoblox on Firefox also we have given complete details of Firefox installation and download link.


1. What is BTRoblox Chrome extension?

An add-on for Chrome called BTRoblox extends and expands the features of the Roblox user interface.

2. Is BT Roblox extension allowed by Roblox website?

Yes, using this BTRoblox extension is safe, secure, and permitted by Roblox itself.

3. How Can I create or develop any game in Roblox?

You may use Roblox Studio to create any game with simply a sign-in to your Roblox account.

4. Can I download BT Roblox for Firefox?

You can, indeed. You can download BTRoblox for Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.